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Personal Brand Photography

Let's translate your 'why' into a powerful visual story that speaks volumes and empowers millions

Maria Cavali

Let's bring your "why" to life through a powerful visual story. Let's make it personal as it is your secret weapon and the heart of what sets you apart.
Your "why" is a work of art that resonates with your audience on a deeper level and leaves a lasting impression. 

Discover the power of adding Personality to your brand

Let's add personality to your brand with powerful brand photography that captures the heart, soul, and essence of your business.


Our mission is to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and create a visual identity that tells the world who you are and why you matter.


Book your VISUAL IDENTITY call today and discover the power of your "why."


Let's delve deeper into the purpose behind your brand and map out your future vision.


You'll receive a personalized proposal with three options to choose from, and we'll capture your brand's unique essence through a professional photoshoot.


We believe that your brand deserves a human touch, and we strive to capture the essence of your business and the people behind it.


Our goal is to deliver images that not only showcase your brand's face, heart, and soul but also provide a human element that connects with your audience.


As an added service, Maria uses a powerful combination of IKI GAI and Theta Healing, coupled with her 11 years of professional photography experience. Infused with a great passion for elevating entrepreneurs and a healthy dose of creativity, this unique blend is inspired by the truth of your brand.

The result?

A transformative journey towards becoming more authentically you in your online presence. It's not just about photos; it's about capturing the essence of your brand and unveiling its true personality.


How does this work?
Discover the power of adding personality to your brand

Meet, Maria! - Your Personal Brand Photographer 

"I help businesswomen better connect with their target audience by capturing the essence of their brand".


At Femme Photo, we believe in the power of adding personality to your brand through visual storytelling.


Maria, our professional photographer and creative lead, specializes in capturing your brand's unique essence through stunning imagery. With 15+ years of experience in photography and some experience in modeling and acting, Maria brings a keen sense of human nature and directs you to look your best.

Maria's personal journey without a father and working various jobs worldwide shaped her love for photography as a transformative tool.

Her goal is to help clients bridge the gap between personal and professional, creating custom photoshoots that amplify their success.


While our main focus is empowering passionate women making a difference, our services are open to everyone.

Book your brand photoshoot with Maria now and add warmth and personality to your brand's visual story.


At Femme Photo, we're dedicated to showcasing your brand's face, sharing your story, and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.


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What We Do

Price starts at €222

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Price starts at €1,500

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Price starts at €444

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"Maria empowers other female leaders to tell their stories captured in her photos. She is a perfect photographer for female leaders who lead in an authentic way and want to present as such in public. She designed a tailor-made personal branding photo session for me and took amazing pictures that represent me in an authentic and original way - celebrating the balance of feminine and masculine"
She changed my life

~ MIRA VASIC Ph.D. Female Leadership | Trainer and Career Coach ~


Discover the power of adding Personality to Your Brand

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Phone (+31) 611911177 Amsterdam

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Femme Photo is offering "Portrait Days" and  workshops on posing, online (remote) photography 

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