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Let's translate your "WHY" into a visual story.


Personalized imagery you can use to market yourself on your Website, Social Media, Facebook, Ads, Speaking Engagements, Book Covers and so much more.

Let's make your best first impression together

Maria Cavali

Are you ready to translate your why into a powerful visual story and lead your authentic life?


* You book conceptualizing call whereby we talk about your "WHY" and what's the best way

to bring it out by telling YOUR visual story. 


* You receive a proposal from me with 3 different options and select the one you love most


* You are being photographed!


* You receive the gallery with images to select from and choose 25 images for retouching


* You receive edited images in color and black and white version, a total of 50 within 2 weeks father the images had been selected.


* You have enough images to use for your socials, dress your website and show up for your clients

I've got you, You’re my specialty!

Let's get started!



Hello, I'm Maria!
I can't wait to meet you!

If you are brand-forward and a change agent of this world, we are the right studio for you.

I became a freelance photographer in 2011 and I editorials for clients such as Llamas Valley, Time-Out, 1st Dibs, Uitkrant & A-Mag magazine.

I also have a background in modeling and acting which has helped me develop a keen sense of human nature and personalities that is clearly reflected in my favorite work – branding photography.

Shooting with my soul in mind, I meticulously craft a balance between subject & space, textures & colors.


Because I understand that the message is not only in the image, itself but in the pixels in between.

And with 10 years invested in my business, I discovered that being behind the lens wasn’t all I could do with my passion and my drive.
I became more than a photographer.

I proudly stepped into the role of Creative Lead.

My love of concept allows me to help people plan, map out, and execute successful shoots that bring happiness to my client’s souls that keep clients and money flowing into their businesses and lives.

My main clientele is women from A to Z- women having babies as projects or projects as babies.

Everybody is welcome.


Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 11.34_edited.png
"Maria empowers other female leaders to tell their stories captured in her photos. She is a perfect photographer for female leaders who lead in an authentic way and want to present as such in public. She designed a tailor-made personal branding photo session for me and took amazing pictures that represent me in an authentic and original way - celebrating the balance of feminine and masculine"
She changed my life

~ MIRA VASIC Ph.D. Female Leadership | Trainer and Career Coach ~

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Phone (+31) 611911177 Amsterdam

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 Translating your why into a powerful visual story leading to  your authentic brand message

Personalized imagery you can use to market yourself on your Website, Social Media, Facebook, Ads, Speaking Engagements, Book Covers and so much more.



Join Maria Cavali - Femme photo on the ""Elevator Pitch"" Podcast.

Elevator pitch is a 3-minute podcast with women entrepreneurs featuring what they do and what would be their best advice to you in moving on in your business.


Femme Photo is offering "Portrait Days" and  workshops on posing, online (remote) photography 

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