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am I your perfect bra?

I spoke to this inspiring feminine leader today Layla El Khadri and she said something that sits with me for the rest of the day:

“Finding somebody perfect to work with is like wearing a bra – it has to be the right fit”.

Probably you are wearing a bralette if you are in your female energy and reading this, but still, you got the point…

My work is to touch women’s dreams and empower them by creating powerful visual stories that help their businesses to take off.

I help to conceptualize, design your visual presence and wrap your “WHY” into powerful images that speak for themselves, so mainly guiding you to be more you, DO YOU and show the NEW You.

The clients that come to me are a perfect match for what I do.

If you:

  1. Starting your business or have your business, but not sure how to present yourself (conceptualizing call)

  2. Can’t afford to have new professional shoots done monthly and you NEED THE IMAGES!  (online session monthly subscription)

  3. Tired of being in your mode of DOING and want to nurture your inner feminine essence or balance your inner masculine and feminine… (phototherapy)

Then, I am your perfect bra…

Reach out if any questions, ok?



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