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BORROWED from rising women

“You don’t need to chase love.You don’t need to hold back your truth.

You don’t need to follow “dating gurus” who tell you that the opposite sex needs to be pressured or manipulated into wanting you.You’re not here to be the object of someone’s fantasy.

You are not your body.You are a sensitive and beautiful being.You have emotions…

Dreams… Likes and dislikes… And you are worthy of being in a partnership with someone who wants to know you *soul-deep*.

Someone who will not only hold space for you to shine…

But will invite you into their world and drop armour too.

Be exactly who you are.

Don’t worry about “the game”.

The game is not for you.

There are people in this world who want to know your heart…

But they can only meet you if you are willing to be seen.And that’s scary, because we’ve all been hurt before.

And maybe you aren’t so certain if you can truly love.…

That doesn’t have to be your story anymore.

Imagine what it would be like to date from a place of love over fear.

Imagine yourself being brave. (Because you are.)”

Home (New 2018)
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