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Exciting new outfits for maternity shoots in Amsterdam

Ladies, so August was (is) awesome… so blessed to be able to explore wild fields in Lithuania and not only complete the potty training for Hailey, but also fundraising for heterochromia project I had been working on for five years (more info here, I had been also busy collecting new amazing clothes for autumn shoots!

And so, I am starting this season with “old school” shoots (beginning September) a bit of a “peaky blinders” style outfits for kids and then moving to colourful boudoir & portrait shoots for moms that need some “me time” and deserve to feel beautiful & celebrate motherhood with beautiful memories.

I am happy how the deals I had earlier worked out and so I am keeping same pricing €99 for an hour shoot & 2 edited images and €149 for shoot, make up & 2 images.

Floating fabric shoot comes with little print this time and cost €199 with make up, hair x

You can book your shoot or ask more details by emailing me to or x

Love you all!


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