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If You could choose your career again, what would you do? 

I would choose photography.

I started my career as a photographer 10 years ago because I loved observing beauty, taking time to notice things, reliving the beautiful moments over and over again, I loved noticing little details, stopping on different corners, sunsets, flowers, animals, things, shadows, people’s eyes…

I loved photographing women and inspiring their self-worth by showing how beautiful they are.

My photography grew together with me through the years, like soulful friendship leading to marriage and family.

I had to work on myself alot, had to step up, commit, find myself, rebrand my soul and my purpose.

I have transformed from not knowing how much I shall charge to photographing mothers and transitioning to working with small businesses and women as I grew mine.

I love being a photographer working for myself and doing what I love doing is living a dream.

I want every woman to live her dream doing things that take their breath away.

10 years later I am still married to my photography. Have I reached all my goals?

I am digging deeper into branding so that I can visually translate Your public presence best and so if you would ask me if I would choose to be a photographer again? the answer would be HELL YEAH!

And what about you?

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