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Inspiring Woman…

I got really inspired by this lady. She has the body to die for, great character, positive and strong, a real inspiration…

Simona: “When I was 22 my body was fit, I didn’t have to sport or go for a run☝🏼😜👌, I thought it will stay like that forever,🙈 therefore I was not so interested into sports! All I did was just enough…Time flies and after 30 I felt that something changed, that my skin is different, my body is different and things are just different… I started sporting. Very actively 👌 4-5 times a week… I have seen first results within 3 months I could not stop afterward… I am very happy when I see woman my age that is exercising, because they want to feel attractive and look good and ar doing that for themselves🙌🏻🤸🏼‍♀️ Older woman have to put way more effort in to exercising, you have to put allot of work in to it ✨⚡️💥 Bless you, women, that are over 30! ⚡️💥☝🏼 you are awesome!!! “

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