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what you will experience?

I will schedule a call with you and we will discuss the color palette and style/concept of the shots we will be taking

After the date is set and booking is made, I will greet you at the studio with a cup of ceremonial cacao, tea it water, and we will walk through your wardrobe and choose the best outfits for each and every set (we will have 3 of them for portrait and as many as you like during #brandingsession)

If you are going for the make-up option – Professional Makeup Artist will make you Look and Feel Confident and enhance your beauty.

I will help you with posing: I will basically guide you through each and every pose, you just have to listen and trust. I know what beautiful is.

I will send you the gallery and few proposals, so you can choose the best images online at your own convenience.

You don’t need to know what to do, all you have to do is just show up…

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