Femme Photo - Branding photography


At Femme Photo, I am focusing on Your empowerment by supporting Your dreams which leads to living Your full potential.

I understand that starting Your business or just keeping your head "above the water" at the start is not always easy, so here is how you can work with me: -


  • You can always book a concept call that is cost-free and help you to clarify where you are going and how you can stand out in your field. 

  • You can choose payment plans for half-day or full-day branding sessions.

  • You can choose your portrait taken during portrait day or organize a portrait day at your business event.

Please connect if any questions, ok?


Branding photoshoot 

Let's face it!


You will not get a second chance to make a first impression.

Let's elevate your brand to the next level and create images that represent what you love doing best.

You deserve to thrive and bring your message out there.

Be visible, or else how people can see You?

Invest in yourself, or else why others should?

* Half and full-day packages are available with payment plans.

Connect if a custom payment plan is a better option for you at the moment and we will make this work!


Virtual Portrait

it's not "just a phone photo!"


No more awkward selfies if you want to do brand photos for your business. 

No more weird angles if you want to do a boudoir shoot. 


See, not everyone can get to a shoot or they don’t have access to a stellar photographer. NOW? ALL of that is about to change! 


Thanks to the power of a magnificent app called Shutter Studio, I can shoot you without even being in your area! 



Portrait day

Everybody deserves a good portrait. 

Don't miss out and update your portrait.

You won't get any younger, the time is now.


Photo booth at the event or the event itself

We will bring our gear and make the magic happen. 

You will get amazing headshots for all your team to be used for their business profile and event covered!

We've got you! 

Partnering with UNMASK PHOTOGRAPHY on this.