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Book your VISUAL IDENTITY call HERE and discover the power of your "why."

During the call, we'll delve deeper into the purpose behind your brand and map out your future vision.


You'll receive a personalized proposal with three options to choose from, allowing you to select the one that aligns best with your vision.

Next, we'll capture your brand's essence through a professional photoshoot.


You'll receive a gallery of images to select from and choose 25 or 50 images for retouching.


You'll receive your final images in both color and black and white versions, giving you a versatile selection to use on social media, your website, and to present to clients.

Let's bring your brand to life. You're my specialty and I've got you covered

How does this work?

Brand Photography that Speaks Volumes: Infuse Your Online Presence with Authenticity and Personality

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Is Your Brand Identity Falling Short of Capturing Your True Essence?

It's time to embrace the power of authenticity and showcase the real "you" in your marketing efforts.

In today's landscape, more and more clients are realizing the value of genuine self-expression and shedding the need to conform or play it safe. This is a remarkable moment to unveil your true identity because your uniqueness cannot be replicated. No matter how well-crafted a social media strategy may be, it lacks soul if it doesn't align with your authentic self.

By embracing and showcasing the real you, you become an endless source of inspiring, honest, and authentic marketing material. This powerful shift will not only help your business flourish but also attract a loyal audience who resonates with your genuine story. Let us help you capture and amplify your true essence through our brand photography services, allowing your authenticity to shine through every image.

Together, we can create a magnetic brand presence that truly connects with your target audience.

Do You Need a Quick Update for Your Website or Socials?

We understand the importance of maintaining a current and polished online presence. That's why we offer a cost-efficient and purpose-driven session designed specifically to meet your needs.

Our package includes a 60-minute session and a visual identity consultation call,  dedicated to capturing high-quality images that will elevate your professional presence online. With our expertise in photography, we aim to create captivating imagery that showcases your unique personality and conveys your professional expertise.

To ensure you look your absolute best, we also provide an optional make-up service at an additional cost. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience and deliver exceptional results that align with your brand and image.

Don't let outdated visuals hold you back. Update your website or social media with our professional photography session.

Book your session today and take the next step in enhancing your online presence!

Are You Looking for a Personalized Custom Portrait Experience Tailored Just for You?

Unlock the power of a personalized custom portrait session designed exclusively for your unique needs.

Through a visual identity consultation call, we'll delve into your aspirations and desires to create a session that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Whether it's a captivating boudoir session or six powerful shots showcasing your business, we bring your ideas to life. Our expertise and attention to detail ensure every aspect is carefully tailored to your preferences.

"Maria empowers other female leaders to tell their stories captured in her photos. She is a perfect photographer for female leaders who lead in an authentic way and want to present as such in public. She designed a tailor-made personal branding photo session for me and took amazing pictures that represent me in an authentic and original way - celebrating the balance of feminine and masculine"
She changed my life

Mira Vasic -  career consultant, executive coach and keynote speaker on Female Leadership & Gender Diversity 

Meet, Maria! - Your Personal Brand Photographer 

'I grew up without a dad, started working at the age of 15 and tried about 17 different jobs in five different countries by the age of 25.

Photography came into my life at the age of 15 as well and has been my most precious companion over the years.

It became a tool to transform myself and others.

Photography taught me tolerance, patience, and continuity.

Photography is the most continuous thing I have ever had in my life.

An image is never "just an image" it's a story.



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