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“I allow it all be, capture it and it becomes my past, and that’s how I move on and transform and my

Photography to me is not only a form of self expression in terms of how I run my business or serve your needs, photography to me is art in its highest form as I am dealing with things in real time and I am surrounded by your nakes emotions daily.

I love that.

My lense is like a magnifying glass: I see your fears, I see your relationships, I see when you finally trust and shine and that is my favorite moment of it all…

Photography to me is therapy in a way, that some things I can shout out into the silent pillow or leave out in gloomy waters, some things I express in writing (like now ha ha), some – in the form of dance or body movement.

Some things need to be walked out: from a little walk in the park to Camino de Santiago…

Some things need to be dealt with by staring through the window or a fireplace whereby you just let the day go.

It takes what it takes and you just have to find what works for you and give that to yourself.

Seeing images of myself reminds me of the exact emotion I was in: situation, circumstances, pain. I recognize that in my looks, postures and if for you it’s “just a picture” for me “it’s never just a picture”, it’s secret therapeutical diary, visual emotional map that helps me travel through life efficiently and allows myself to express what I feel, witness my emotions and let it go.

This image was captured after one of the biggest losses in my life.

I felt naked, vulnerable, tired, I wanted makeup, more makeup, so I can hide behind it and so I can look into the eyes of the lens confidently.

I was broken back then and with the photoshoot I turned my pain to power. I allowed myself to be who I was and feel what I was feeling, I embodied and left it all on a set.

If I look at it now, I remember, but I am not her, it’s all there and then and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

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