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I look at my daughter thinking – when does it stop? 

When somebody first comments on your sexuality and you start filtering what you do and say, as if being sexual is a negative thing?

When somebody takes advantage of your not knowing and you are used and scared and confused and it hurts and you don’t even know where and how to begin since even your PUSSY does not have a name…

“Down there”



So much shame and guilt before even anything happened. You are almost ashamed to have “it” “down there”. 

Rape  becomes so vague and vogue, complicated, mysterious as well as your “down there” with no name. You borrow that feeling of nothingness, shame, bury memories deep inside, sweep it under the carpet, weep and instead nurture your feminine overcompensating elsewhere. 

When does it stop? Endless self love, self confidence, free sexuality… little girls flirt more than grown up women. Why?

We stop connecting and start competing, We stop diving deep and become shallow like silly dogs running after magazine cover bones, chasing our own tales, trying to become women that don’t even exist in real life…


We become women that disconnect from ourselves so much that we are able to change our face a million times without blinking… Botox, fillers, different noses, different lips, marionettes in our self created prison theater.


 We are so disconnected  from ourselves that we forgot the sound of our own voice… We are running from wolves and not with them.

I don’t know any woman that was not abused in one or another way, there is so much pain and there is so much power and divinity and there was or will be somebody really loving your essence one day and it doesn’t have to be “the one” it has to be you. 

Inspired and dedicated to my daughter that came out of my PUSSY & Femme Photo Women Photography Studio

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