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Still Breastfeeding… (Amsterdam 2018)

I am planing to go to bed with you for over a year now 🙂 romantic time with my partner or romantic time with my work takes over 🤷‍♀️and this is my most productive time after all 🙂 I am still breastfeeding. Couple drops of safety here and there. They say it’s more difficult for a mom to stop breastfeeding, but we are not really trying. I just love #breastfeeding you… you sleep longer, our routines getting more defined shapes and forms, you keep growing rapidly and our life kaleidoscope turns and reshapes non of the less beautifully each and every time❤️ life is just so organic with you… like a little rose opening up slowly, but surely, blossom by blossom, majestically & naturally, just as it suppose to… #skintoskin #rockmomphotography#motherhood#maternityphotography#normalizebreastfeeding

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