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Your inner You

Every woman is a princess and has a little girl inside…


Becomes a queen if nurtured.


Becomes self made if learned the hard way.

I am flexible with “my style”

I respect and accept whatever BEAUTIFUL to you mean

I adapt and wrap your ideas in my creativity and we create all together, blended.

If it would be entirely up to me – I like dark, dark backgrounds, no smiling, I let your eyes talk,

Eyes say it all, therefore smiles do not matter to me.

I like to see details in clothes, elegantly blended, I like minimalism and truth, I like to see You.

So if you leave it all up to me, I am interested in Your inner You. I want to reflect the You that I see, respectfully, carefully, gently, I want to show how beautiful You are in case you don’t remember.

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